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General Gameplay

Attack other players with dice and get them to ZERO cards. BUT they get to use the cards that were attacked!

Last Stand Gameplay


1. Shuffle the player ability cards and give one to each player. Players look at their card, take the matching deck, and sit in front of their ability.

2. Each player shuffles their deck and removes 7 random cards.

3. Look at the 18 remaining cards and arrange them face up on your board in stacks of three however you want.

4. Roll dice to see who goes first.

Last Stand Player Abilities

The Cards

Cards can be played both for yourself and against your opponents!

For example, if you have once card left in a column and an opponent attacks it, you can use MOVE ONE CARD to get a card out of the way so you don't need to pick it up.


1. Play Dice Cards

Anyone can play add die and lose die cards before you roll. This will change how many dice you start with on your turn. Use a NOPE if you want.

2. Roll & Reroll

Roll 3 dice. Pick up any number of those dice and reroll them once if you want to.Example: You first roll a 1, 2, and 4. You decided to reroll two of them and ended up with a 1, 5, and 6.

3. Assign Dice

Put each of those dice on other players' columns. Split the the dice up however you want.

4. Play More Cards

Anyone can play any number of cards after the dice are assigned to change the outcome of what happens.

  1. Move a card out of a column to avoid an attack with MOVE ON CARD
  2. Make on of the assigned dice remove two opponent cards with ONE REMOVES TWO
  3. Dodge two dice on a single column by moving all the cards to another column of cards with COMBINE TWO

5. Pick Up & Your Card Limit

Each player picks up the top card of each column attacked by dice. If a column was attacked by two dice, pick up two cards. To end your turn, if you have more than four cards, discard cards until you have four left

Player Abilities

Each player has an ability. If you roll doubles at any point you can use it! It can only be used once a turn. Players can't play cards in response to doubles being rolled.

For example, if you have the ALTERNATE REALITY ability and you end up rolling two 3's you pick up a card from the pile of unused cards and put it in your hand before anyone plays any cards.

Special Rules

Here's a few other details that can affect the game.

  • The max number of dice is 6.
  • There's no limit to how many cards can be in a column.
  • When a card is played, it happens right away. A NOPE is the only thing that can stop it.
  • Even if you didn't use your free reroll, if you've assigned your dice you can't use it.
  • If someone uses REROLL ONE DIE against you, you can assign it to anyone after rolling it.
  • If someone uses a ONE REMOVES TWO on a die and then you use a REROLL ONE DIE on that die the die will be rerolled but will still remove 2 cards.

End of the Game

If you run out of cards on the board, you're out of the game and can't play cards anymore. If you're the last one with cards on the board then you win. Congratulations!

The Board Game Where Your Power Grows As You Lose

"The Last Stand is a fun game with lots of variety! No two matches are ever the same and it has a great balance of luck and skill!" -Kenneth

2-4 Players | Game Length: 15-30 minutes | Ages: 8 and older

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