Start winning by losing now.

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How It Works

Everyone puts 18 cards into columns of three to start.

Attack other players with dice and get them to ZERO cards. BUT they get to use the cards that were attacked!


1. Any players can add or remove dice from the default 3.

2. The player rolls the dice.

3. They assign the dice to columns.

4. Any players can play more cards to change the outcome of the attack.

5. Pick up any of your cards that were attacked.

Get Power As You Lose

As you get attacked, you get more cards and have more to attack back!

Get your opponents to zero cards on their board to win!


I lost but I'll totally win next time

Carl on Feb 15, 2018

This game is a ton of fun. We read the rules over for about 5ish minutes and got started. You setup your board and take turns rolling dice, and taking out your opponents. The game starts to get really intense toward the end and we got to see some incredible plays!! The artwork and card decks are simple but really fun and unique. Really incredible game for the whole family. Pro Tip: Don't spread out your cards at the end :)


The Last Stand - Great Family Battle

Roland on Dec 24, 2017

Love this quick to learn board game! Played multiple matches over 2 hours with my wife and grown kids. Very fun battling one another in this competitive game of strategy. Laughter and I can’t believe that just happened, are experienced at almost every role of the dice!!

The Board Game Where Your Power Grows As You Lose

The Board Game Where Your Power Grows As You Lose

"The Last Stand is a fun game with lots of variety! No two matches are ever the same and it has a great balance of luck and skill!" -Kenneth

2-4 Players | Game Length: 15-30 minutes | Ages: 8 and older